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Law Firm & Corporate Lawyers Dubai

The highly qualified team of Legalor’s attorneys and consultants will be glad to provide necessary legal assistance.

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Law Firm

At BR Law Firm Dubai, we stand firm on truth and fight for the justice. Having offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Ras Al Khaimah.

Corporate Law Firm

We have a team of experienced Corporate & Commercial Lawyer in Dubai, With team of experts that make us one of the best.

International Law Firm

We are well versed in various international languages and experienced enough to deal with multinational clients.

BR Law Firm Our Values

BR Law Firm, since its inception, has been emerged into a leading Legal Law Firms in Dubai. Today, we are in a position to lead the front of all well-qualified solicitors and law consultants of Dubai. Established in 2006, we are proud of what we have achieved so far, all these years - a journey of 12 illustrious years.

Our strength is our experience - having served 70 vast years in various Dubai & Abu Dhabi courts. We have experts in every domain; we have an impeccable command in handling INTERPOL Cases for which we are well known across the Emirates.

Our qualified advocates do not let any valid point/fact to go unnoticed. Our expert group is aware of all the insights of judiciary and capable of speaking not less than 7 languages & 21 local dialects. This very aspect differentiates us with other leading Advocates in Dubai and adds us to the list of best International law Firm in Dubai. We have proved that power is not any measure to win a legal battle; fact sheet and genuine presentation is what that ultimately stands out.

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12 Years Of Experience In Various Cases

Today, We are in a position to lead the front of all well-qualified Solicitors and Law Consultants of Dubai. Having offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi &
Ras Al Khaima. Contact us for more information on any of the legal matters.


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Our Legal Practice Areas

Family Lawyer

BR Law Firm understands the emotional background of all your family disputes and guides you towards a meaningful solution.

Business Lawyer

BR Law Firm Dubai offers Business Lawyers Services for Corporate Dispute, Business Legal Services.

Civil Litigation Lawyer

BR Law Firm, one of the leading Civil Law Firms & Civil Lawyers in Dubai, deals with this so-called evil side of human beings.

Divorce Lawyer

We are the best Divorce Lawyer in Dubai, UAE. We are known for our specialization in quickie divorce.

Real Estate Lawyer

With best experience in dealing Real Estate Disputes & Real Estate Litigation made us best Real Estate Law Firm Dubai.

Legal Advisor

BR Law Firms is one such expertise from where you can seek suggestions on various legal matters.

Criminal Lawyer

Our expert Criminal Defense Lawyer will closely monitor the series of sequences occurred during the time of alleged crime.

Labour Lawyer

BR Law Firm mediates the relationship between trade unions, employing entities, workers and the government.

Interpol Lawyer

BR Law Firm is Specialist expertise in Interpol Cases provide assistance in law enforcement matters across borders.

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